• 14oz Whole:

    14oz Whole:

    Throw some on skillet or light up some charcoal and let them grill! Pair it with a piece of fajita flank steak and enjoy! (4-5 nopales per pack.).

    Fun fact: 100g of fresh leaves carry just 16 calories!

  • 12oz Cut:

    12oz Cut:

    Don’t cook frequently? Use nopales sparingly? Grab a 12oz bag and work it into your morning shake or scrambled eggs and get your fiber intake early!

    Fun fact: The anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties in nopales help in removing and preventing blood vessel plaques.

  • 14oz Cut:

    14oz Cut:

    If you cook more often than none, a 14oz bag should do just the trick. Check out our recipes page for high fiber and tasty dinner ideas any time of the week!

    Fun fact: Prickly pear cactus (nopales) are the state cactus of Texas!

  • 1lb Cut:

    1lb Cut:

    Having a party? Need to feed plenty of people? One or two of these bags can make a plentiful, flavorful, filling and Cost effective appetizer!

    Fun fact: Nopal plants are known to live well over 20 years!

  • 1.5lb Cut:

    1.5lb Cut:

    Cooking for a family of 5? Pick up a 1lb bag of nopales and 1lb of skirt steak and have dinner ready in a few minutes with our “Bistek a la Mexicana” recipe! (link what’s in quotes to recipe)

    Fun fact: Nopales contain antioxidant flavonoids which absorbs toxins before they can overtax the liver thereby decreasing the its load.

Our Process

  • Sourced

    We receive our non-gmo sourced nopales from family farmers that have grown nopales for generations.


    Once in our temperature controlled warehouse, our prepping-personnel begin to trim and hand-cut the produce immediately to ensure freshness.


    Every nopal is carefully cut, examined, then bagged to ensure it is ready to use as soon as you open the bag.

Find us at a La Michoacana Meat Market™ near you!